Monday, 16 May 2011

Dresses to Impress: the A-Z of fabulous frocks and gorgeous gowns... K

K is for Know your shape and find body confidence.

The key to successful styling, no matter what the clothing piece, is knowing your shape. I've done a post previously highlighting the four main types of body shape; Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Boyish, or Rectangle. (Read all about body shapes here).

Once you know your shape and feel confident wearing a dress that accentuates the bits you like, flatters and minimises the bits you don't, then choosing your clothes is suddenly a whole lot easier!

There are also all the tricks of the trade for creating a body shape, especially hourglass! In a previous post I've looked at hourglass shapes and discussed how to 'make yourself Marilyn'. Read that one here.

I think it's important however to discuss that fact that whatever body shape we have (or would like to have), that's only half the issue. Body confidence is a whole other matter! You know the type of girl who has issues with body confidence, your great friend with the fabulous boobs and teeny tiny waist who honestly thinks she's fat; or the friend who's 5ft 10" and seriously hates her height and would rather be like you. There is definitely something about the grass being greener when it comes to our bodies and yet whatever shape, size or look, we are ALL gorgeous!
No, the grass is not greener! Not many people are genuinely happy with their body shape; often because they're actually not happy with themselves. Confidence can be knocked by all kinds of factors in life; our upbringing; family; job; school memories; unhappy relationships; name it! But I want to ask you one little question- have you actually given life the right to define you by allowing these past events to shape your mind? True body confidence begins with a correct view of yourself from the inside, in your mind and in your heart and a conscious decision to reverse the tide. You don't have to be defined by any of these things anymore. Of course that will take effort, a re-scripting in your thinking, some great friends and perhaps even therapy! but you can rediscover the gorgeous Goddess within, screaming to be let out from the shackles of life.
(Obviously a new fab frock is never going to reshape your identity and enable you to become the glorious, gorgeous, confident woman you were always intended to be.....but it's a start!)

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